Why branding is more important than just a logo

Let's put yourself in your situation. You are going to start a new business in a sector you are passionate about: a restaurant, a handmade decoration shop, a bookshop, a vintage clothing ecommerce, a consultancy, a dental clinic... And the only thing you know is that you need a logo to use in your shop window so that your customers know who you are. Besides, maybe you even know how to use Canva or you have a cousin or a sister-in-law who uses it for their Instagram stories and you ask them to make one for you with the free templates that this wonderful program has.

A logo is not enough to have a successful brand. At ConSeo Digital Marketing we help businesses like yours to have a complete branding.

Congratulations! You already have a logo for your new business. And without spending a single euro. Sounds good, doesn't it? I'm sure you're thinking of running to Canva and start making logos like there's no tomorrow. But let me tell you that this is a big mistake, having a logo based on a template means that the same logo is being used by hundreds of other businesses like yours. And it's not going to serve as a distinctive element in any way. Especially if you want to attract a certain type of customer. What you need is not just a logo, you need branding.

What is branding?

Branding is a speciality within graphic design that fuses communication strategies, marketing and characteristic visual elements to create a strong corporate image. Branding seeks to design what will be the personality of the business with a very clear objective: that its potential customers identify with it and a reciprocal relationship is created between business and customer, converting sporadic customers into recurring customers. In other words, higher sales and more growth.

Logo design is only one part of branding, it is the final representation of an exhaustive study of what the business wants to convey, what type of customer it seeks to attract, what range of products or services it sells, what its competition is, where it is located, etc. All these questions are essential in order to be able to create a brand effectively.

Boost your business with a branding strategy tailor-made by our graphic design team at ConSeo, your digital marketing agency.

Branding also includes guidance on how to communicate the brand both verbally, establishing the tone and style - formal, direct, friendly, professional... - and non-verbally through graphic elements such as colours associated with emotions, typographies, visual style in photographs and videos, packaging, and geometric elements that emphasise the main message to be transmitted. All this must be connected. For example, if you have a toy shop, you should not use a formal tone and have a visual image with a childlike logo. You would be sending messages to two totally opposite audiences and you would not reach either of them.

What should the style guide or brandbook include?

Since I mentioned the guide in the previous paragraph, I would like to emphasise the importance of having this style manual or brandbook as a result of this branding process. It should contain all the elements I have mentioned above in a clear and precise way so that you can continue to implement your brand correctly once the branding process is finished.

The brandbook will include the logo designed with all the analysis about your business and your clientele, but it will also tell you how to use all its variations - yes, a logo must have different shapes to adapt to all formats - in an effective way and also how not to use it. You will have your corporate colour palette, the fonts and graphic elements that you should use in your communication with a detailed explanation of why they are the right ones to provoke emotion in your customers and make them remember you. You will also have a communication style guide for your marketing plan, establishing the tone you should use in emails, in the texts on your website and in the descriptions of your publications on social networks. Not only in written language, but also visually with examples of what pictures and videos to take for your promotions and how to implement all those visual elements.

Branding is a complex process that helps to establish the personality of a business through various elements. Find out more thanks to ConSeo Digital Marketing

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, let me let you in on a secret. It is called https://brandingstyleguides.com/ and on this website you will find hundreds of practical examples of what a brandbook is and all that goes into creating a successful brand. And, as you will quickly see, the logo is only the visible part of a process with a lot of work behind it.


Canva is a great tool available to many people who can't afford to invest in professionals. We understand that. But when it comes to starting a business with all the enthusiasm and effort that goes into it, it's important to follow the right steps that will lead to success. And, unfortunately, having a basic logo that any other business can use is not going to help you achieve this. Competition is fierce, and setting yourself apart from the rest is essential for all that effort to pay off. Our advice: don't think about it and use the branding as your best weapon for success.

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