SEO Consultant What do you do? How can you help me?

An SEO consultant is a professional in charge of finding a way to position a website in the first positions of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you hire the services of a seo consultant you will be hiring the best ally so that you can make your project grow and exceed your initial expectations.

The job of an seo consultant, apart from the above mentioned, will also be to be aware of all the tools that are on the market and in this way be able to offer the best service to the client.

Another of the tasks that a seo consultant carries out is the optimisation of web pages and whose work will focus on applying the best techniques so that they can opt for the top positions in search engines, because in order to achieve those top positions, a page will need daily maintenance so that it is always optimised.

An important characteristic that you need to have as an SEO consultant is to master SEO analysis and know how to manage between the technical and the analytical. Another quality that can set you apart from other consultants is knowing how to find opportunities on the web and being able to turn them into successful strategies.

SEO consultant specialising in improving the visibility of your website

Knowing SEO is not the same as being an SEO professional.

The knowledge that a seo consultant must have to be able to provide the best service is to know and know how to improve off page SEO and on page SEO and to find the best solution to a problem when it comes to climbing positions, transmitting all the achievements to the client.

Qualities to be a good SEO Consultant.

Also, one of the qualities it must have is to know how to work aspects such as.

Web architecture, keyword research analysis, seo content creation, domain management, link strategy creation, competitor analysis, creating an effective local seo strategy, SEM and other web techniques as they are updated.

It is clear that a seo consultant has to know all the techniques to be able to put them into practice in their projects and be able to give a satisfactory response to clients, but in order to achieve the best positions in the search engines they will need something more and that will be to know perfectly how Google and the rest of the search engines work.

You should be aware of the latest updates to Google's algorithm, otherwise it will be very easy to fall behind and not achieve your goals and you will only get average results.

You will need to know some knowledge of web programming because normally the day-to-day work of an SEO consultant is based on optimising web pages mainly, to improve performance and to know how to install codes to improve data or to obtain data for analysis.

Another important task of a seo consultant is to know how to research the market where a web project for a client is focused, because in this way you can advise by creating an effective strategy and with the best results.

This will allow you to reach the target audience for your web project with maximum efficiency and we will be the best solution for your needs.

When it comes to finding opportunities in niches that are not very well worked and that could be a perfect business opportunity, what will make us effective will be that we have previously monitored and analysed different market niches in order to be able to set a potentially effective target.

Increase your visits and sales with the help of an expert SEO consultant

How can an SEO Consultant improve my Google ranking?

1- Study of keywords related to the website.

The first thing we will have to do is to analyse the keywords and define the best ones to introduce on the website and achieve better positioning on Google.

The keywords you are going to use on your website will be the ones that will lead the way to create an effective strategy and more actions you are going to take to improve seo such as, content optimisation, content creation, linkbuilding.


2- Optimisation of the website in order to achieve better results in Google.

Another important task that a seo consultant has to perform is to make a good analysis of the structure of a website and create an analysis to improve and optimise the structure if necessary.

Each page must be analysed separately in order to guarantee a good internal linking with a good anchor text based on the keywords chosen for the project and the secondary ones to create a good semantic distribution within the content of the website.

We will seek to improve or create a web structure that is search engine friendly, this will be the basis for further seo work on our website in an effective way.


3- Optimisation of the content already contained in the website we are going to work on.

There is a phrase that says "content is king" to be able to position in search engines, it is partly right but to achieve it, our work as seo consultant will be to optimise the content incorporating the keywords that we have chosen and create a perfect semantics in each of them because in this way we will be favouring that we can get those first positions in Google.

Let us never forget that there are two important parts to the content section.

We will have to create a content that is effective for the robots .txt but also attractive for the users that read it, because it will be useless if it is optimised for seo but it is not an attractive text that calls the users to read it.


4- Creation of a good Linkbuilding strategy.

The creation of a good set of links pointing to our website will help us to improve our level of authority and generate trust in Google, which will favour our positioning in the SERPs of the search engine.

One of the consultant's jobs will be to analyse web pages in order to find the most suitable ones and to obtain quality links.

He will link websites to the project, always trying to make them as natural as possible and avoiding attacks that could ruin all the work we have done.

5- Web monitoring and competitor tracking.

A seo consultant will have to work with different tools to be able to always monitor the website that is being worked on and in this way be able to have a daily control of the evolution of the positioning of the website in search engines.

But it is equally important to have the most direct competitors under control because by monitoring and analysing the competition we can find opportunities that by introducing them into our seo strategy we can achieve better results and maximise the potential of the website.


6- Analysis of the website to find out the degree of success we are achieving.

There is no point in carrying out hundreds of actions if we don't know what is going on inside the website.

One of the functions of a seo consultant will be to analyse the data on a daily basis to keep everything under control.

A fundamental tool for an seo consultant is Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics, you can measure everything you can imagine (visits, reach of our publications, bounce rate, conversion rate).

With all this data you will be able to show the client what is happening at all times on their website and if there is a need to improve any aspect or change strategy, you will always have a quick reaction.

Google Analytics is a fundamental tool for an seo consultant.


7- Always be aware of all the updates and news about search engines and online marketing.

Working in seo is a discipline that is always changing and as a seo consultant you will have to be self-taught because you will have to learn new techniques and for that you will need many hours of learning.

You can use all these hours to put all these changes into practice in your own projects to learn and, once you have mastered the technique, put it into practice in your clients' projects.

A good seo consultant needs to be always up to date with the latest marketing trends or new seo techniques as they emerge.


8- Personalised and professional advice to the client.

It is very important to avoid any problems with customers, to count on them when implementing any technique that we are going to implement on their website.

Communication with the client must be constant because in this way you will be able to capture all their wishes and needs on their website, because in this way the strategy that has been chosen to carry out will be much more effective.

Also, this constant communication with the customer will give you a better understanding of your customer's type of business.

The analysis carried out after each action as the result of the set of actions approved and carried out, will be reported to the client in the form of a technical audit explaining to the client all the points with the results obtained and explaining the future improvements that can make us improve the positioning or maintain it in the top positions.

After explaining the points that I think an seo consultant should have, as a basis to be able to work on the positioning in Google and get results, I will explain the skills that an seo consultant must have in order to be successful in their projects.

Maximise your online results with our high quality SEO consultant services.

Skills that an seo consultant must have to be successful.


You will always be surrounded by data, percentages and figures, all of which you will have to analyse carefully and use the tools you are most comfortable working with.



A seo consultant needs to be very technical and know how to analyse all possible situations and scenarios, but what will set him apart from the others will be his ingenuity and his way of finding solutions where others are lost.

If we combine creativity with ingenuity, working on positioning and having an optimised website, the projects we are working on will have a great deal of success and we will be able to achieve top positions.



It is interesting that you are a bit curious and you are interested in all the new things that come up, because I think that everything you learn and improve will make your seo strategies stand out from the rest.



A good seo consultant always has to aim that once his projects have started and started to climb the rankings, he has to want to go further and exceed the expectations projected in the strategy. You always have to want more.



The work that a seo consultant has to do is very delicate and he has to be a methodical person, for that reason his work has to follow a structure and well defined in order to get all the information we need of that particular project, quickly, it is necessary to keep at all times a record of all actions, decisions taken and results obtained.



It is very important to know how to communicate the results obtained and the analysis carried out to the client, we have to know how to transmit everything for that reason we have to be communicative because also one of the tasks that a seo consultant has to carry out is that of a business advisor and for that reason we always have to know how to transmit the results to our clients in an understandable way.



As you have been able to read, an SEO consultant is a profession with many nuances and all of them are very important in order to achieve the best results for clients and get the top positions in search engines.

See you next post.

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