Local micro-marketing, small business micro-marketing.

What is Local Digital Micromarketing?

We have heard of "Digital Marketing" on many occasions, but in most of these cases it is used as a reference to an overall online advertising strategy for large businesses.

But for some years now, a more basic, more localised and, above all, more economical marketing development strategy has been developed.

This is the birth of Local digital marketing, or micromarketing, aimed at SMEs and the self-employed, which is gradually making great progress.

Local digital marketing is about giving visibility to what was previously almost invisible in the eyes of digital marketing; small entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Even the big advertising platforms have understood the importance of this trend and companies such as Facebook or Google are making micro-marketing easier and easier, with ad campaigns within the reach of any business, being able to adjust budgets according to the needs and possibilities of the business.

Our company offers high quality local marketing services to help your business achieve greater visibility and increase traffic and conversions in your local area. Let our team of local marketing experts handle everything for you and achieve success in your area.

How can local marketing work on such a small scale?

The fundamental aspect of this strategy is to generate confidence in our potential clients, and to do so, we will need to enter the online world through various resources, such as, for example:

But it is best to look at what is important in each resource point by point.

1. Creation of a corporate and functional website.

When we create an optimal environment for a customer to search for us on the Internet, the first image they have to find of us cannot be a crappy website, which is not useful or whose information is obsolete.

The image of our business would suffer greatly if this were to happen and the potential customer's confidence would be undermined and we might not convert that visit into a sale.

That is why it is important to have a good corporate website. It doesn't need to be spectacular, but it does need to be visibly attractive, answer customer questions, provide a contact form option (essential) and be well optimised for mobile phones (it is estimated that 80% of visits to small or local business websites are made via smartphones).

We offer customised local marketing solutions to suit the unique needs of your business. Our team of local marketing professionals will work with you to develop an effective strategy to achieve your business objectives in your area.

We encourage you to invest that €20 and see the results. Local campaigns to find Facebook followers are very intuitive, you don't need to have a great knowledge of Facebook Ads to start them.

2. Creation and maintenance/updating of social networks.

Almost all of the small businesses we have advised were registered on a social network. To be more specific, almost all of them had a Facebook page.

It's a fantastic idea, having support through the largest social network that exists today is not to be criticised. But the surprise came later, after following up with them and seeing that the Facebook page was out of date, had gaps in the posts for months, unanswered comments, unmoderated... A real disaster.

Moreover, most of them had few followers and most of them were acquaintances and family members.

On Facebook it is easy to gain followers, with micro-campaigns of just 20€ you can gain about 50 real followers, and above all, segmented by location and interests, that is, you will have real followers who are really interested in your product / service.

3. Promote Google Maps and Google My Business as the main sources for approaching customers.

If you have a business with a physical facility and you have not claimed ownership of it in Google My Business... you are giving wings to the competition.

Have you ever searched for a local business using Google search on your phone and seen the list of local businesses at the top?

Well, we have news for you. Most of those businesses that appear do not pay for advertising to appear there, they have simply claimed their listing from Google, filled it out completely and update and optimise it regularly.

They are also businesses that take care of their reviews and always try to be rated.

There are many techniques to optimise such a listing, such as listing the business under the name of the main service sought in the locality.

If you want to increase the visibility and success of your business in your local area, our local marketing services are the perfect choice for you. We have a highly qualified local marketing team that will help you achieve your goals in your area.


If you are a workshop and your work centre is in Fuenlabrada... the ideal title for that listing would be: "Workshops in Fuenlabrada - (your business name)"; that way we can rank better in local searches and, if we take care of the reviews and update them frequently, we will manage to be in the top of Google's local searches for the keyword "workshops in Fuenlabrada" with time and patience.

4. PR advertising and Google My Business by segmentation and location.

Small businesses do not usually invest money in advertising because, to be honest, traditional advertising is not very profitable considering the high costs involved. Moreover, it is not very measurable, we cannot know with certainty what conversion rate to sales our advertising campaign has had.

Times have changed in the world of local digital marketing, options such as:

- Handing out flyers / letterboxing.

- Pay for advertisements on local radio stations.

- Advertise in local newspapers/magazines.

Our company offers professional local marketing services to help your business succeed in your area. Our team of local marketing experts is committed to creating an effective strategy and increasing your company's visibility and conversions in your area.

For some years now, it has been much more profitable and measurable to advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

In addition, these companies have been able to adapt to the needs of small businesses, offering easy and economical ways to advertise.

For example, Facebook's ad platform allows us to segment our customers by:

- Age: (if we are looking for a more adult audience we can filter to advertise to people within an age range, for example: 30 to 50 years old).

- Sex: If we have a beauty salon, it wouldn't make much sense to pay for advertising for men?

- Geolocation: Why offer our services in places where we cannot provide them? We can geolocate by provinces, cities, neighbourhoods... even streets, whatever we want.

- Interests: Imagine a company that sells sportswear, we can specify that the ad should only be shown to people whose interests include sport.

We could write a whole article about all the segmentation of these platforms, but with these examples we think it is clear.

5. Support all strategies from the workplace or at the time of service delivery.

If you have gone to the trouble of doing all of the above... don't make the mistake of not supporting actions from the workplace or the place where you provide your service.

Many businesses believe that creating a website, updating networks and the Google My Business listing is all there is to it, and no, this is a big mistake.

All these actions must be supported with determination and enthusiasm from the workplaces with actions such as:

- Ask our customers to rate us on Google My Business: To do this, we can create a short code that takes us directly to the rating of our company, so when we provide a service, we can tell the customer if they would not mind if we send them a rating survey and we can take advantage of this to obtain a positive rating.

- Another measure is to put stickers in the shop with the typical "leave us a rating on Google" or "follow us on Facebook".

- The reviews, whether positive or negative, must always be answered as soon as possible, and above all, we must be polite when answering negative reviews, always avoiding conflict with the client.

- Another very good option is to use the paper ticket (in case we give it physically), or invoice, to put the address to our rating in Google, it is not as effective as asking for it directly but it has a good conversion.

- If we send invoices via email, we can use the email to link directly to our Google rating.


When we say that a Social Network has to be updated, we mean that it has to be updated at least a couple of times a week.

We offer affordable, high quality local marketing services to help your business succeed in your area. Our team of local marketing professionals is committed to creating an effective strategy and increasing your company's visibility and conversions in your area.
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