Introduction to Local SEO

What is local SEO?

Local Seo is about attracting the most customers for a local business from users searching locally on their devices.

What is local search intent? - It is the one that searches for a service in a specific place, that is to say, the potential client, in addition to searching for the specific service or product he/she is looking for, includes a location in his/her search, for example: "Mechanical workshops in Murcia".

Over time, Google realised that its algorithm was sending local searches to web pages and that this was not what the user demanded, so it had to adapt by creating the so-called "local pack". A Google search engine service that offers a pack of 3 results for each local search, including the most important physical businesses in a specific area, a map with their location and an option to "see more places".

 We must never forget that: 

- Almost half of all Google searches are local in nature (47%).

- 72% of users who search locally end up visiting a local business in their vicinity (5 kilometres radius).

Maximise your online presence in your local area with our introduction to local SEO (1)

Types of local pack

We can distinguish three different types of local packs:

1 - "Snack pack" - are those in which Google, in addition to giving the main data of the business, also offers a small image next to it. This type of pack is given in cases such as: restaurants, florists... and other businesses in which Google understands that the image and the sensations are a fundamental part of the essence of the business.

2 - "Local pack" - for almost all other local businesses, Google will show the classic "local pack", which will show, apart from the business description, rating and address... two more options are: "website" and "how to get there".

3 - "ABC pack" - This type of search occurs when Google understands that the user does not care about going to one or the other; it usually occurs when we search by brand, for example: we search for "Mercadona in Teruel". The results will offer us the 3 "Mercadonas" closest to our location in the following format: A, B and C.

Sorting of results in the "local pack".

Although, for Google, the most important thing is user satisfaction... We must not forget that it is a company, and its goal is profit. Therefore, it is not always the "local pack" that appears first in their search engines for local search, the first thing, of course, are the paid ads.

We can say that the structure of the order of the search engine results would be as follows:

1º- Paid advertising in Google Ads (it will appear at the top of the search engine results, ahead of the "local pack").

2nd - Secondly, the 3-pack of the "local pack" will appear.

3º- Organic Google search results.

Where do potential customers click the most within this sorting?

There is no fixed statistic to be able to answer this, but there are some parameters that show the importance of the service and its click within the ranking of Google search engine results.

- In the case of local businesses offering services or fast-moving consumer products (e.g. a garage, a furniture shop, a tobacconist's...) there is usually no ad competition, so almost all clicks are split between the "local pack" (60-70%) and organic searches (30-40%).

  - In the case of local businesses that offer a more technical service or product, (for example: coworking services, digital marketing, etc...) we find a high click on ads (20% approximately), an average percentage in the "local pack" (30%) and a high percentage in organic searches (50%). The explanation is simple, people who search for these services usually do a more calm and quiet search, usually from a PC and looking for information, unlike the rest of the searches that are usually done from a mobile phone and looking for a quick result.

Now that we know all this... What does Local Seo consist of?

The answer is more than obvious, in positioning a local business according to its needs, in one part or another of the first Google searches.

It may be that we need to be in the "local pack", or that we position ourselves in the organic results just below... or even that we optimise a good advertising campaign so that our business appears at the top of the list, with a good Google Ads configuration.

Local seo, like conventional seo, is not a short term job, it needs a lot of perseverance and improvement to end up appearing in the best places in Google search engines, but simplifying, the task of local seo is to try to get a business into the "local pack" or at least, that when you look at "see more sites" and order by rating... we appear in the first places.

In short: hunt down all the users who make local searches related to the local business that we are seoing.

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Is it possible to rank in the local pack without having a website?

Yes and no, let me explain.

It is possible and even quite frequent, only 8% of the pages that appear in the "local pack" have a web page. 

Now you may be thinking... So why do I want a website? - The answer is easy. It is one more source of positioning that Google uses, what happens is that most local businesses do NOT have a website and if your business has one it is giving you an advantage in positioning (maybe not a great advantage, but it is a help to start ranking higher within the "local pack" of Google).


We hope you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned and join us in this exciting world of Local SEO.

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