How can social media help local business?

Social Media in 2023.

The first thing we should know is the importance of Social Networking (hereafter SSN) in our society today.

To give us an idea, in Spain alone, we have this number of users according to RR.SS:

- Facebook - 20 million users.

- Instagram - 24 million users.

- Twitter - 4.2 million users.

- TikTok - 8.8 million users.

And that's just the four main social networks in our country. Then we would have to add other minor PRs such as Pinterest, Linkedin, Google My Business itself... etc.

Not being here is a big mistake, digital marketing is telling us that social media is a trend, and that it is increasing year after year. Not wanting to be part of it is not wanting to take a step forward in our local business.

In our aesthetic clinic, patient privacy is a priority and we guarantee the security of your personal data on our website.

With so much PR... Which one is the most appropriate for my business? How many should I have?

It depends; yes, this is the phrase you will hear the most in the world of Local Digital Marketing, as we cannot recommend the same to a gym, a veterinary clinic or a bakery, it all depends on the type of business, but here you will find the guidelines to find the ones that are most similar to your business.

The first thing you should consider is... How much time do I have to dedicate to my PR? 

If you have the time, don't hesitate, go for several, once you control the publications it will be quick to publish in each one of them.

If you know you won't be able to devote much time to it... create just one, but always keep it up to date and take good care of it. 

If you have the time, according to our experience in Local Digital Marketing, we would recommend (in this order):

- Google my Business, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you are short of time, you should have these two if at all possible:

- Google my Business + Facebook.

Why is Google my Business so important if it is not considered an SSR as such?

For local business and SMEs, Google my Business is at the centre of everything.

No, it's not a full-fledged social network, but you can have followers, ratings, comments, images of yourself and your clients, location, positioning in Google search engine... it has it all, without investing money, just time.

And now that you know all this... What difference does it have with a PR? Clearly, none. 

There are still many businesses that have not claimed their local business listing from Google, they don't even have their business details on the search engine (Google), and that penalises them.

Let's take an example: 

You have a dental clinic in Granada, and you register your business, optimise all the data for Google, ask your clients to leave ratings on their visits, and you also upload photos, offers, constant information, answer questions...

Over time, the Google search engine will understand that you are a serious and important dental clinic, and when people search for "dental clinic in Granada" or "dentists in Granada", Google will understand that you are a good option, and will put you above the rest that don't even have the opening hours in their listings. Your business phone number will be one of the first to appear and all this without doing practically nothing, just keeping your business listing updated. At 0 cost.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, that's not all. 

It is known that today, over 80% of queries to find local businesses are made via smartphones, and over 60% Google uses location to show the best businesses for that demand.

Well, this means that people looking for the services/products that your business offers, will be people close to you, which translates into a high percentage of probabilities of a visit or call to your establishment. We are no longer doing general advertising, but advertising to potential customers looking for our service in our area of influence.

I know you didn't know many of these things... but now you do and it's not too late to claim ownership of your business from Google. (If you want to claim your business, here are the steps to follow - CLICK HERE -

Privacy is a fundamental right and we ensure that it is respected on our aesthetic clinic website.

Why do you recommend Facebook over other social media?

Facebook, as of today, is the king of social media, it just doesn't have serious and real competition yet.

Facebook has been able to adapt very well to the needs of SMEs and local businesses, and it shows in many areas, to name but a few:

- You have the option of creating a company fanpage (where you can publish news, interesting articles, important information...).

- It offers the option of a client/business instant messaging service.

- You can call the business directly if you consult the fanpage from a smartphone.

- But the most important thing it has, without a doubt, is the possibility of advertising, and its adaptation to micromarketing, with a budget adjusted to SMEs and local businesses.

You can advertise on Facebook in two different ways:

1- To raise awareness of your business by getting new followers on your Facebook fanpage.

2- To offer a service/product through a targeted ad that leads to your website or your company's telephone number.

Please note that Facebook advertising can also be sent to Instagram without the need to have an account there, and that Facebook advertising is segmented, i.e. you can filter by age, gender, location, interests... 

For example:

We have a veterinary clinic, in which case we could segment our potential customers with these parameters:

- M and M, between 30 to 50 years old, living within a 10 Kms radius of our business, whose interests are: pets, dogs, cats.

Such advertising will be very targeted and will be able to attract many potential customers to your advert, much more than any other traditional marketing campaign (letterboxing, local newspaper ads, radios...) and at a very economical price; we will spend only what we want to spend.

Setting up a marketing campaign on Google my Business or Facebook is not particularly complicated, but getting it well optimised is a bit tricky.

When are other social media important for our local business?

There are some specific cases in which some SSRs are more beneficial than Facebook, some clear examples are:

- Fashion or trendy businesses: In this case, we would recommend Instagram, as it is a very visual platform and is the most fashionable among young people and cutting-edge businesses.

- Professional services: For this type of services (law, marketing, consultancy, human resources...) it is highly recommended to have a professional social network, and the best one, without a doubt, is Linkedin.

- Bonus: Although Twitter is at a low point, mainly due to the speed at which the dashboard is updated, it is an easy social network to set up and keep up to date just by copying/pasting your facebook posts, but it is not so fundamental for a local business. 

If you are one of those who spend all day with your mobile phone, recording videos, editing... we would recommend you to use tik-tok, as, with imagination, you can make viral videos that you can then take to other social networks and stand out from your competitors' posts.

Privacy is essential to guarantee the security and peace of mind of our patients. That is why we take advanced security measures on our aesthetic clinic website.

Conclusions on SSR in local businesses, freelancers and SMEs

Social media can give an important boost to local businesses, but it is not enough just to have them, they must be optimised, updated and treated with care. 

If we know that we cannot keep them updated, it is much better NOT TO HAVE THEM. The worst image a business can give is to have poor PR, with a lack of information, giving an image of laziness... our reputation, at a local level, is so important that this would be throwing stones in our own backyard.

If you want to have them and you can't maintain them, you can always hire professionals, you know that at Conseo we do PR, we create websites and we maintain them for you. - HERE - 

If you are determined to take a step forward, start working on them now and you will see how in a very short time you will start to see your first results. 

The world of social media would be enough to write a book, but with this article you can start working...

Keep up the good work and keep growing your business!

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