Affiliate marketing. How to make money online

Making money on the Internet is as easy as peeling an orange. You only need to be in front of a computer to find a myriad of strategies to fill your pockets with cyberspace, giving you that much sought after but difficult to achieve financial freedom in this day and age. The affiliate marketing can be your best ally for this purpose.

For the last couple of decades, a series of significant changes have been taking place at a global level as a consequence of the digital invasion we are undergoing, which have radically overturned various areas of secular life, the most important of which is that the digital invasion of the past few decades is now taking place. marketing one of them.

The use of new information and communication technologies has been the driving force for the diversification of this discipline in the virtual sphere, constituting new strategies to improve the reach of advertising campaigns or to generate money in different ways than usual.

The affiliate marketing is the right one for the latter. Its operating structure makes it increasingly attractive among bloggers and websites to earn income in a more practical and consistent way, applying a commission-based payment scheme to compensate you for the actions of your cyber-audience.

This type of advertising is ideal for people who want to work with Internet sales. Many see it as an excellent alternative to attract consumer attention and increase the sales volume of their products.

Amazon was the pioneer in creating a affiliate platform The company is also the one with the biggest number of affiliates or brand ambassadors.

Can you imagine selling products but without having to deal with logistics and inventory? This dream can be possible to earn money with affiliation. You are not only monetising your website but also contributing to a highly successful business model.

A low-cost and assertive form of marketing for e-commerce businesses, who can unreservedly advertise their products or services to far-flung corners of the world with a simple, eye-catching banner. You won't become a millionaire in months with affiliate marketing., but you will manage to bring considerable amounts into your bank accounts and even get a bonus.

In this post you will find all the relevant information about affiliate marketing, considering that my job is to provide you with all the knowledge so that you can start exploiting this lucrative virtual market just a click away from your computer.

What is affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketing is defined as a branch of digital marketing, which is based on the dissemination and marketing of products or services of large online shops with advertisements or banners on your web pages. Its purpose is to motivate the user to consume and improve the volume of sales.

Those who participate in this novel business scheme earn a commission for each action performed by the user. For many cybernauts and Internet workers, it has become the simplest way to make money with their digital media.

The pioneer in this practice was the US-based giant of Amazonwho in the mid-1990s implemented a kind of affiliation system for those interested in offering their available products, while providing them with an incentive in the form of a commission for this service.

From that time to the present day, the affiliate marketing has become the tool of choice for many companies and individuals around the world, conceived as a highly profitable monetisation strategy from any position on the financial chart.

I leave you with a post by LifeStyle al cuadrado, a benchmark in affiliate marketing, where he explains the steps to create an affiliate marketing campaign. affiliate marketing strategy.

This is a huge win-win situation for everyone. From the owner of the website or blog, who receives money without investing a penny from the comfort of his home or office, to the e-commerce companies, which acquire greater notoriety among the public.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Almost always when thinking about monetising niche websites it is Google Adsensethe company that springs to mind. We get carried away by so much publicity on social networks about this giant search engine. I am not saying that this option is invalid, because everyone is free to choose the most feasible mechanism according to their profile to generate income.

I mean that there are other, simpler methods such as the affiliate marketingThe majority of those who start on this arduous path of becoming self-sustainable with the help of the Internet, have hardly enough experience in online business, nor enough knowledge in digital marketing and SEO to be at the top of the search engines in a short period of time and make their websites explode with visitors.

The operating mechanism of the affiliate marketing is as simple as it is loved by all of us. Here there are several factors that play a fundamental role, because they are key to the success of this strategy. The first thing to consider is that the products to be offered must be related to the theme of the blog or website.

It is counterproductive to offer sports shoes on an economics and finance website. Ideally, it should be advertisements for goods or services related to banking or items such as calculators or mobile phones to visualise how markets behave.

This is one of the main aspects that you must take into account, considering that you can have a wide notoriety in social networks, where your followers are expectant for the next news of your website, but if the ads that are shown there are not based on their real needs and interests, they will simply be ignored by them and you will be losing the possibility of fulfilling your mission of monetising with other people's merchandise.

In the same way, you should also take into account what your content marketing strategy is. This is where special emphasis needs to be placed, as it is the backbone of this process. There is nothing better than going into cyberspace and finding high quality content, which generates a positive impact on our intellect because of its educational and informative character.

This is essential to attract traffic to your website and position yourself at the top of the search engines. Create an editorial plan with articles of value, where your followers can identify with you, as well as meeting their entertainment and information needs.

Taking into account these points, the following question surely arises: How do I find companies related to my niche? Well, you simply have to look at the various options available on the market.

Amazon y EBay they have everything. And when I say this, it is because you can find everything from food to high calibre weapons, which makes them the options with the highest number of affiliates and the ones that pay the best dividends. Joining affiliate programmes is easy.

All you have to do is access the website and enter the affiliate programme section, where you register with your email address and other personal data required by the system. You must enter the link of the website to participate as well as select the products to offer. After that, you will be assigned a unique code to identify yourself in the system. This number will serve your leads and refer users to the product you are offering in your network.

This same code is the internal guide to know the amount of conversions produced from your website, which will contribute to a better control and optimisation of the available promotions as well as the collection of the profits obtained.

All of the above aspects are part of the mechanics of affiliate marketing, which must be executed methodically and intelligently to ensure good results with this strategy in the following ways Amazon, EBay or any other platform of this type. You should not neglect SEO tactics, considering that they are the fuel for your search engine rankings.

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Where do potential customers click the most within this sorting?

There is no fixed statistic to be able to answer this, but there are some parameters that show the importance of the service and its click within the ranking of Google search engine results.

- In the case of local businesses offering services or fast-moving consumer products (e.g. a garage, a furniture shop, a tobacconist's...) there is usually no ad competition, so almost all clicks are split between the "local pack" (60-70%) and organic searches (30-40%).

  - In the case of local businesses that offer a more technical service or product, (for example: coworking services, digital marketing, etc...) we find a high click on ads (20% approximately), an average percentage in the "local pack" (30%) and a high percentage in organic searches (50%). The explanation is simple, people who search for these services usually do a more calm and quiet search, usually from a PC and looking for information, unlike the rest of the searches that are usually done from a mobile phone and looking for a quick result.

Types of formats for affiliate marketing.

Diversity in the affiliate marketing is more common than it seems. There are several formats available in this monetisation strategy, which are completely different from each other in their operating structure and affiliate compensation systems.

Before sticking to any of them, it is imperative that you carefully analyse the most suitable one for your product and business objectives. ROI is the priority in any internet investment project, considering that not only economic resources are invested, but also time and effort that deserve to be compensated.

CPC (Cost per Click)

It is the most common among bloggers and digital marketing enthusiasts with some experience. Google Adsense has become the official institution of this affiliate marketing mechanism. However, there are also other advertising networks for this purpose.

It is often unsuitable for beginners or those who want to see quicker results. You don't have to be a scholar to understand how this format works, because just by interpreting its acronym it is understandable. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. This means that revenue is earned for every time the user clicks on banners, links or advertisements from sponsors to be redirected to their websites. On these sites they are objects of commercial offers from various companies, who seek to attract their attention at all costs with creative landing page offers and promotions as well as manuals and anything else they can think of. The price of these actions depends on the geographical location of origin.

CPA (Cost per share)

It is considered to be the strategy of affiliate marketing The most secure, as well as the one that provides the best results for the optimal execution of ROI. The CPA has an extremely attractive remuneration scheme, consisting of remuneration for each user action, which ranges from simple registrations, subscriptions or service quotations, to purchases in online shops.

Such remuneration is in the form of commissions in accordance with the policies of the affiliate programme to which you belong. Amazon y EBay are pioneers in the practice of this kind of affiliate marketingThe commissions are up to 12% for each sale made under this mechanism.

There are several success factors at play here. One of them is to gain the customer's trust, providing them with all the necessary information about the products you offer through high-value content, highlighting their benefits and framing them as an essential need to generate confidence in your offer.

Such a recommendation will be like a command to them. The detail you should consider is to avoid being too invasive, because this practice is annoying for any user. They must visualise these offers as something natural and you must make sure that this is the case on your blog or page. If you focus on selling only, you can generate distrust and you will lose all your followers.

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)

Its name itself is synonymous with its mechanism of operation. It has certain similarities with the CPC (Cost per Click), but it differs in something fundamental and that is that the sponsor pays a fixed price for reaching an objective, which consists of obtaining 1,000 views of its advertising banner.

It is not a big deal or impossible to achieve, considering that every visit to the blog is counted as a view, because the user is impacted by this advertisement while browsing the web. A good SEO and Linkbuilding strategy can help to achieve this purpose in the shortest possible time.

CPV (Cost per Sale)

In the latter format, rewards are executed for more specific requirements. These consist of actual sales via a shared link, which contains an affiliate code to be credited directly to the participant's account.

Large e-commerce corporations such as Amazon y EBay are the frontrunners in the implementation of CPV, because they not only have a higher number of participants in their affiliate programme in this format compared to their competitors, but they also provide greater trust and confidence among online users.

Channels for the development of affiliate marketing.

Dissemination channels are just as important in the affiliate marketingas salt is for chefs in the kitchen. Having an ideal place in cyberspace to advertise your products is important, but what will frame your success is your cunning and intelligence to build loyalty with your followers and impose a consumer influence according to your interests and what you offer.

Your goal is to earn money at all costs. This purpose can be fulfilled with discipline and enthusiasm but first and foremost with professional mystique, considering that by starting to generate income through your own means, you will be taking a step forward in your life as an individual, who alone has the power to forge his or her own destiny.

Make friends with SEO and all its tricks to position yourself at the top of Google. Get people to know you and know how far you can go. The following channels for affiliate marketing are important, but effort and determination are the key to open doors to victory.

Blog or Website

It is the communication medium par excellence for monetisation on the web. Almost everyone prefers it for its simplicity and impact among users, who are lovers of quality entertainment. Here you can give free rein to your creativity with valuable written productions with an educational character, providing new knowledge to all those who are fond of cyberspace.

Editorial freedom is the order of the day, and regardless of the subject matter and focus you choose, there are various formats available for affiliate marketing to generate money according to the mechanism of your choice. This can range from simple visits to link or banner sales.

By having this decision-making privilege, you will have an interactive platform, where you can offer users goods and services but from your own perspective, making recommendations with persuasive consumer content, as well as graphic resources and infographics.

Social media

Their reach among the population is immeasurable, considering that we wake up with our bodies in the bedroom but our minds on the last comment of our Facebook or Twitter status. In times of censorship and ideological imposition, they have become the best allies for building a participatory democracy with respect for freedom of expression.

This same freedom is what makes it one of the most widely used channels for disseminating products, services and promotions. The results that this can bring are really significant in terms of sales, contributing to a better visualisation of your personal brand among the virtual community.

Email Marketing

Databases are one of the cornerstones of affiliate marketing. By having a good amount of contact emails from customers and users, you can build a close business relationship with them, who will be delighted to receive everything from content of interest to exclusive offers and promotions for being part of your select group.

This simple and accurate tool is your best weapon to give a special value to the buying process, because it allows you to educate and inform the consumer about the products offered by you. Such an action can have a great impact on the user's decision and even persuade them to purchase your offer.

Benefits of affiliate marketing.

The positive aspects of the affiliate marketing as a monetisation tool are greater than the negatives. Talking about it is synonymous with long wills, because it really offers a new window into internet business for those who want to generate passive income, whether they are inexperienced beginners or experienced newbies.

Not only the financial issue, which is extremely important; the northern point is the great reach and impact for your personal brand on the web, because you will be able to reach places imagined by you. Defining your objectives clearly is elemental to be assertive in the application of strategies, improving your visibility and reaching the farthest corners of the world.

One of the main benefits of affiliate marketing is that it's a win-win. It is not like the multi-level business methods of times past, which compensate by commissions but those at the top get richer and richer regardless of the hard work of the rest.

Both the electronic giants that have the affiliate programme and the users themselves, who spread the products on websites or blogs, will be on an equal footing to generate high revenues, because while they will be generating huge revenues, the affiliates will be receiving substantial commissions.

On the other hand, it provides greater profitability to businesses with a compensation system to recognise success and effort. This works by only paying for clicks that have generated sales or conversions. Such a strategy is a driving force for bloggers, who strive to create high quality content and make their websites more attractive.

You don't have to worry about time issues, considering that after the sale has been made, the company is in charge of processing the payment and coordinating the logistics for the delivery of the product. If you want to work on your personal branding with a specific buyer persona, focusing on a specific audience, you need to start with the affiliate marketing immediately.

The high concentration of people with the same interests is ideal to offer products according to their needs or requirements. They will not only buy, but also spread the word about your website to other people with similar interests, increasing your visitor volume considerably.

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Main companies working with affiliate marketing.


It is the pioneer company in providing an affiliate programme to the virtual community. Almost everyone has it as a reference on affiliate marketing, due to its long history as well as the speed of its payments and management of virtual commerce. For 20 years it has been an alternative available to the unemployed or those who wish to generate additional income.

At first it was launched as a marketing strategy, without imagining that they would be giving way to a new trend of passive income that is as modern and innovative as it is positive, allowing for a complete reconciliation of work and family life.

Amazon has everything. If you can't get it on their website it's because it doesn't exist on this planet. It may sound sectarian but it is as simple as that. The affiliate gets paid the moment the user buys, regardless of the product of their choice.

Navigating through this superb online department stores' is super easy. Anyone can do it, applying the same precept to affiliate marketing with this site. Their commissions range from 4% to 14%, which makes it necessary to have a good volume of sales to have a sustainable business.



It is not as well known as its competitor Amazon, but it has gradually gained a reputation among internet users. It offers higher commissions but does not have the same trust as the American giant, which makes it a bit difficult to do this job.

Joining their affiliate programme is easy. You just need to have a website, blog or you can also do it from your social media or smartphone. If you get a new user or reactivate their account with a purchase, they will receive a generous additional bonus as a reward.



Its simplicity to register and the wide possibilities of monetisation, make it place in this list. Generating money with this platform is comfortable and easy due to its compensation system, which contemplates a commission of 5% in the case of publishers and 10% for advertisers.

The affiliate must share a link for others to be added to the site, but under your network. As soon as this user affiliated with your link performs any activity, commissions will be added to your balance immediately.

These actions are related to producing web content and post mentions. Your blog or website must have quality information and an attractive design that provides a sensory experience while browsing. Such features are essential to qualify in Coobis.



It is an affiliate network, which has won several awards as one of the best platforms in Spain and Europe. Although its remuneration structure is not very profitable to say the least, it is still one of the feasible alternatives to generate money with your content.

TradeTracker brings together the most prestigious advertisers in digital advertising. They will help you generate high-converting campaigns with a wide range of sophisticated tools to determine the reach and impact among your followers.

This will allow you to measure your real results and what weaknesses are present in order to improve them. Its software is simple and intuitive to use, adapting to your website without the need to make substantial changes.


Google Adsense

It is last on our list but it is an icon for website or blog monetisation. Almost all of us know it as a viable option to generate money under the CPC remuneration format. Its operation is based on traffic generation, which plays a fundamental role in the amount of money to be received.

The more visits you have, the higher your income will be. It makes use of advertisements or banner ads alluding to the theme of the web, considering that they are useful and appropriate. It provides high-value tools for the user such as keyword planners, which allow you to focus on a specific target.



Have you been shocked by the amount of benefits of the affiliate marketing? So have I. We never imagined that such basic advertisements shown to us on the everyday web are so powerful and influential, which serve as the pillar that sustains this profitable business.

To say that there is no way to make money in this day and age is absurd. We are facing an era with full general freedoms and endless digital tools to make our dreams come true. The affiliate marketing can get you out of a bad economic situation, you just have to be consistent and strive to make a difference in the online community.

For this it is necessary that your website is a unique and irreplaceable space, which can attract a considerable amount of public and have a great credibility with them, causing that whatever you say or do is a model for them to follow.


Hopefully not, because these are the basics of local seo and from now on all posts will be based on this.

Best regards and... see you in the next article!

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